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Environmental oxygen triggers loss of webbed digits

African clawed frog (stock image). Credit: © Nathan / Adobe Stock Free fingers have many obvious advantages on land, such as in locomotion and grasping, while webbed fingers are typical of aquatic or gliding animals. But both amphibians and amniotes -- which include mammals, reptiles, and birds -- can have webbed digits. In new research…

Mosquitoes engineered to repel dengue virus

Aedes aegypti mosquito (stock image). Credit: © tacio philip / Adobe Stock An international team of scientists has synthetically engineered mosquitoes that halt the transmission of the dengue virus. Led by biologists at the University of California San Diego, the research team describes details of the achievement in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the insects that spread…

Fossil is the oldest-known scorpion

Modern-day scorpion (stock image). Credit: © Hamilton / Adobe Stock Scientists studying fossils collected 35 years ago have identified them as the oldest-known scorpion species, a prehistoric animal from about 437 million years ago. The researchers found that the animal likely had the capacity to breathe in both ancient oceans and on land. The discovery…

‘Living fossil’ may upend basic tenet of evolutionary theory

Illustration of Cryptococcus neoformans (stock image). Credit: © Kateryna_Kon / Adobe Stock The field of evolutionary biology has seen its share of spirited debates. But if there's one principle that virtually every expert in the field agrees on, it's that natural selection occurs at the level of the genome. But now, a UC San Francisco-led…

Scientists unexpectedly witness wolf puppies play fetch

Wolf pups (stock image). Credit: © Stephen Canino / Adobe Stock When it comes to playing a game of fetch, many dogs are naturals. But now, researchers report that the remarkable ability to interpret human social communicative cues that enables a dog to go for a ball and then bring it back also exists in…

Scientists breach brain barriers to attack tumors

Illustration of human brain and tumor (stock image). Credit: © Sebastian Kaulitzki / Adobe Stock The brain is a sort of fortress, equipped with barriers designed to keep out dangerous pathogens. But protection comes at a cost: These barriers interfere with the immune system when faced with dire threats such glioblastoma, a deadly brain tumor…

Billions of quantum entangled electrons found in ‘strange metal’

Partial view of periodic table of the elements (stock image). Credit: © concept w / Adobe Stock In a new study, U.S. and Austrian physicists have observed quantum entanglement among "billions of billions" of flowing electrons in a quantum critical material. The research, which appears this week in Science, examined the electronic and magnetic behavior…

Deep learning enables real-time imaging around corners

Busy intersection (stock image). Credit: © Gudellaphoto / Adobe Stock Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real time. With further development, the system might let self-driving cars "look" around parked cars or busy intersections…

Discovery reveals how remora fishes know when to hitch a ride aboard their hosts

Remoras attaching to shark (stock image). Credit: © Fiona / Adobe Stock Remoras are among the most successful marine hitchhikers, thanks to powerful suction discs that allow them to stay tightly fastened to the bodies of sharks, whales and other hosts despite incredible drag forces while traveling through the ocean. But how do these suckerfish…

Neanderthals went underwater for their tools

Clam shells (stock image). Credit: © Vatchara / Adobe Stock Neanderthals collected clam shells and volcanic rock from the beach and coastal waters of Italy during the Middle Paleolithic, according to a study published January 15, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Paola Villa of the University of Colorado and colleagues. Neanderthals are…

Beauty sleep could be real, say body clock biologists

Woman waking up from bed (stock image). Credit: © volha_r / Adobe Stock Biologists from The University of Manchester have explained for the first time why having a good night's sleep really could prepare us for the rigours of the day ahead. The study in mice and published in Nature Cell Biology, shows how the…

Astronomers discover class of strange objects near our galaxy’s enormous black hole

Center of Milky Way galaxy (stock image). Credit: © Sarote / Adobe Stock Astronomers from UCLA's Galactic Center Orbits Initiative have discovered a new class of bizarre objects at the center of our galaxy, not far from the supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*. They published their research today in the journal Nature. "These objects…

Taking the temperature of dark matter

Distant galaxies (stock image; elements furnished by NASA). Credit: © allexxandarx / Adobe Stock Warm, cold, just right? Physicists at the University of California, Davis are taking the temperature of dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up about a quarter of our universe. We have very little idea of what dark matter is and…

Ancient iron-sulfur-based mechanism monitors electron flow in photosynthesis

Leaf in sunlight (stock image). Credit: © Korn V. / Adobe Stock A delicate balance of electrons flowing through the photosynthetic machinery is essential to a plant's ability to turn sunlight into energy and its survival. Understanding the factors that regulate this balance is key for plant breeders who may want to improve light energy…

‘Ageotypes’ provide window into how individuals age

Walking in the park (stock image). Credit: © LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / Adobe Stock What's your type? That question could gain new meaning, thanks to scientists who've categorized how humans age into different classes dubbed "ageotypes," reports a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. "We know already there are a handful of nice…

Molecular switch for repairing central nervous system disorders

Neurons illustration (stock image). Credit: © whitehoune / Adobe Stock A molecular switch has the ability to turn on a substance in animals that repairs neurological damage in disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Mayo Clinic researchers discovered. The early research in animal models could advance an already approved Food and Drug Administration therapy and…

Meteorite contains the oldest material on Earth: 7-billion-year-old stardust

Illustration of meteor entering Earth's atmosphere (stock image). Credit: © Vadimsadovski / Adobe Stock Stars have life cycles. They're born when bits of dust and gas floating through space find each other and collapse in on each other and heat up. They burn for millions to billions of years, and then they die. When they…

Mars: Water could disappear faster than expected

Mars illustration (stock image). Credit: © serawood / Adobe Stock The small red planet is losing water more quickly than what theory as well as past observations would suggest. The gradual disappearance of water (H2O) occurs in the upper atmosphere of Mars: sunlight and chemistry disassociate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms that the…

How the solar system got its ‘Great Divide,’ and why it matters for life...

Illustration of inner solar system (stock image). Credit: © JohanSwanepoel / Adobe Stock Scientists, including those from the University of Colorado Boulder, have finally scaled the solar system's equivalent of the Rocky Mountain range. In a study published today in Nature Astronomy, researchers from the United States and Japan unveil the possible origins of our…

A replacement for exercise?

Mouse in exercise wheel (stock image). Credit: © Emilia Stasiak / Adobe Stock Whether it be a brisk walk around the park or high intensity training at the gym, exercise does a body good. But what if you could harness the benefits of a good workout without ever moving a muscle? Michigan Medicine researchers studying…

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