Friday, October 22, 2021
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Viagra Could Become the Next Cancer Drug

Developing a new drug from scratch is hard work — it takes a tremendous pile of cash, not to mention several years, to go...

Sweet tooth gene connected with less body fat

It comes as a bit of a surprise to the researchers, who last year discovered that precisely this genetic variation could be one of...

Quantum Mechanics Creates a Totally Random Number Generator

Peter Bierhorst’s machine is no pinnacle of design. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains inside a facility for the National Institute of Standards and Technology,...

Earth’s temperature history is good news for finding alien life

An analysis of temperature during early Earth’s history supports more moderate average temperatures throughout the billions of years when life slowly emerged on Earth. Theories...

Finger fossil puts people in Arabia at least 86,000 years ago

A single human finger bone from at least 86,000 years ago points to Arabia as a key destination for Stone Age excursions out of...

New method could lead to more powerful quantum sensors

As quantum technology continues to come into its own, investment is happening on a global scale. Soon, we could see improvements in machine learning...

Exploding Ants: New Species Explodes to Defend Colony

Amongst the countless fascinating plants and animals inhabiting the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, there are the spectacular "exploding ants", a group of arboreal,...


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